About Us


Welcome to Olivia & Jade Company! We are all about your little one's!

Olivia & Jade Company was started by Sara & Abby Leventhal. We are sisters-in-laws, who - out of love for the little ones in our life, and a desire to curb our need for fast fashion - decided to join forces. Abby has a degree in business management. Sara is a skilled chocolatier. We wanted to join our skill set to contribute to the cause through creative expression, to share our products and connect with you.

Olivia and Jade Company differs from other clothing brands in that our number one focus is wardrobe longevity. Our goal is to offer parents an array of clothing and accessories that will last for their child(ren) throughout the seasons. We also want parents to have items on hand that they can pass on to another sibling, or friend for reuse once their child grows out of it.

We spend hours researching, conversing, laughing, examining, criticizing, apologizing (not necessarily in that order), on all aspects of product construction, before making a final decision to add it to the Olivia and Jade Company line. Part of our discussion is to analyze the construction and fabric of a product. Will this product hold its shape? How quickly will this fabric pill, or stretch? Many of our styles are gender neutral. We do this in order to ensure that we answer our own question, can this item last more than one season and be passed from child to child? In going through this process, we can offer parents an array of comfortable, affordable items to choose from.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!



Sara & Abby